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Critique of the LA City Attorney’s Misinterpretation of Caselaw

Last Updated on Wednesday, 7 September 2011 08:58 Written by The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients Thursday, 7 January 2010 08:51

The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients has written a 20 paged critique of LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich’s medical cannabis case law review. The document contains omissions of certain key points from classic and influential medical cannabis case law from cases like People v Mentch, People v. Hochanadel, ans People v. Urziceanu.

The critique is also written in such a way that it helps the average person understand easily what the City Attorney is saying and how it relates to the aforementioned cases. Rather than focusing on confusing legal terms and language, it breaks down each part of Trutanich’s case law in easy to understand language that the lay person and the law professional can both read.

Please feel free to read and comment on the critique here.

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