James Shaw Provides Alternatives to LA City Council

By The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients on February 1st 2012

Our point in providing two example motions of alternatives that allow the City to regulate as if the Pack decision were published citable law is that it allows us to highlight the matter that our City Attorney is not accurate when he proclaims to City Council that he has received no input from patient advocates. There are now at least four alternatives from three advocacy groups that have been sent to the City Attorney’s office and probably also given to you. But what you apparently don’t know is that you can currently regulate with some version of the current ordinance.

In an attempt to rush the City to ban patient associations while very few seem to be paying attention, our City Attorney has set up very clever strategies to make our City Council think there are no alternatives, including telling you that you can’t regulate while the Pack decision is being ruled on by the Supreme court. Just the opposite is true. Everyone else in the state seems to understand this and for the most part postponing decisions until the Supreme Court weighs in. But our City Attorney has his very own special interpretation of the law, and tells you that our now Governor Jerry Brown misinterpreted the law when he was Attorney General. Although when Jerry Brown was Mayor of Oakland he oversaw the regulation up there that happens to be working just fine today. You could implement our current ordinance if the City Attorney wasn’t so stubborn about his way.

In a coordinated effort by some City officials, neighborhood councils have been sent biased information about the plight of the City and how they should weigh in for a ban. If you have received an email from a neighborhood council recently it is because it was solicited. It didn’t just come out of the blue.

The fact is, very little has been done toward the traditional abatement of nuisance issues that the City has been engaged in for over a hundred years.

It’s no wonder some neighbors complain. Neighbors have thus been afraid to speak with medical cannabis patients for fear that some kind of refer madness might rub off on them. This is exacerbated by the City Attorney’s continued claims that patient associations are magnets for crime despite our police chief’s testimony to the contrary.

The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients is taking the matter into our own hands. I can assure you neighborhood complaints will turn around. Give me two months. We are going to create a community liaison for every patient association in this City, and the City is going to start hearing positive things about their cannabis using constituents.

The City Attorney is also telling you that a ban will stem the costs of litigation. I warned you when the City Attorney destroyed our current ordinance in the eleventh hour that it would result in heavy litigation and I am warning you again now. The City Attorneys efforts to ban are fatally flawed. Litigation costs and potential damages resulting from erroneous banning would be exponential.

Just Say “NO” to Ban